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The reason we are called Oceanside Ice Arena is because the original land owner was developing a large sports and entertainment complex in the late 60’s to early 70’s. Just to the south is the still operating Big Surf Waterpark which built the world’s first wave pool in 1969. Until the mid 90’s the lot to the north was Malibu Grand Prix, a go-karting track. In the original plans there was to be a tennis complex called Big Serve in the lot to the west that never materialized. As a matter of fact the original name of the arena was Big Skate in the initially submitted architectural plans. At some point prior to opening the name became Oceanside Ice Arena to fit in with the west coast theme of the development.

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ATM located in dining room

Oceanside Ice Arena opened in 1974. The arena has been home to Desert Youth Hockey Association since 1975 and the Arizona State University hockey program since it’s inception in 1985.

When the arena fell on hard times in the mid 1980’s DYHA stepped up and took over the lease of the building and land and has continued to operate the arena to this day. We are the ONLY arena in Arizona operated by a youth hockey association. DYHA and OIA are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

When the Phoenix Coyotes moved to the Valley in 1996 the NHL team practiced here at Oceanside for their first 2 seasons. Prior to the Coyotes, Oceanside was a popular practice rink for NHL teams stopping in the Valley for golf and relaxation on their way to play the LA Kings.

Currently, DYHA has 10 youth travel hockey teams and ASU has an NCAA D1 team 2 ACHA Men’s teams, and an ACHA Women’s team.

Oceanside Adult Hockey League (formerly Summit Hockey League) was founded in 2000. What started out with 4 teams and one weekly adult instructional class has grown to 34 teams and 2 weekly classes.

Oceanside Ice Arena is a 36,000 sq. ft. building with an ice surface that is between NHL and Olympic size – 200’L x 90’W.

Hockey game capacity – 747 seats.

Zamboni 552 AC Electric

Zamboni 552 Electric

Zamboni 520 Propane

Ice Edger:
Zamboni Electric EZIII

Oceanside has two 12-cylinder semi-hermetic Carrier compressors powered by two 150 HP electric motors with a 150 ton capacity chiller barrel and a cooling tower. Refrigerant is circulated through the sand floor by a 90 HP electric motor.

The refrigerant is typically going out to the ice sheet at 17 degrees and returning at 19 degrees. A loss of 2-4 degrees while circulating through the ice sheet is common depending on the season. The surface of the ice is typically at 22 degrees. The ice is maintained at a constant thickness of 2-3 inches. We carry 2-3 inches compared to an NHL arena’s 1-2 inch ice due to the extremely busy hockey schedule here.

Air Quality:
The ice is resurfaced by our zero-emission Zamboni 552 electric machine. Edging along the boards is performed by a new zero-emission Zamboni electric ice edger.

Cleaning Products:
We exclusively use Buckeye Green Seal certified cleaning products. Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment and transforming the marketplace by promoting the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products and services.

We have an automated external defibrillator (AED) mounted on the wall by the office doors. An AED is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia in a patient, and is able to treat them through defibrillation, the application of electrical therapy which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to reestablish an effective rhythm.

CPR/ First Aid/ AED training:
We conduct on-going training in CPR, First Aid, and AED operation for employees. A fully stocked first aid supply cabinet can be found in the arena office and in the Zamboni room.

Pest Control:
We exclusively use eco-friendly pest control products that are National Organic Program compliant ( NOP ) along with other natural, non toxic materials.

Funded by the DYHA Jr Sun Devils Fundraising committee the arena upgraded the interior lighting to more efficient T-8 flourescent fixtures and the exterior lighting and signage was upgraded to LED’s.

Champion Respect. End Abuse.

Dear Hockey Community,

With an increased awareness and focus on safety of youth athletes across the country, there are some key things in which everyone involved in hockey should be made aware. Oceanside Ice Arena strongly supports the efforts by the US Center for SafeSport together with USA Hockey to educate members as to how we (as parents, coaches, administrators and spectators) can do our part to keep this great sport a safe and fun experience for our children to remember for a lifetime.

An email was sent by the US Center for SafeSport in October outlining new tools they have developed for parents to increase their awareness relating to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. (Links to the US Center for SafeSport website along with links to the Parent Toolkit and FREE parent training are included below). While there are many methods used to ensure the continued safety of our athletes such as education, screening, training, locker room monitoring, it is imperative that everyone involved in the sport is vigilant and aware of the potential warning signs associated with abusive behavior.

On February 14, 2018, Congress passed the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017, which is aimed at preventing and reporting sexual, physical, and mental abuse of minors. Among other changes, the law expanded the requirements for mandatory reporting by adults who become aware of children being abused. While the law strictly applies only to employees, volunteers, and other adults who are authorized to be in contact with minors, Oceanside Ice Arena nonetheless expects that all adults will comply given that the law involves the safety and well-being of our children. Failure to meet this expectation could jeopardize future participation in Oceanside Ice Arena programs. In any event, any instances of sexual, physical, or mental abuse of a minor must be reported within 24 hours. Failure to timely report may result in significant civil penalties and even imprisonment for persons covered by the law, or expulsion from Oceanside Ice Arena programs even if not covered. Below are links to the new law and to the US Center for SafeSport. The safety of our children is paramount.

Looking toward the future with advice from the US Center for SafeSport, USA Hockey and Arizona Amateur Hockey Association, Oceanside Ice Arena will continue to proactively find ways to make our hockey environment the safest it can be. This is our firm commitment to the Hockey Community.

Best regards,

DYHA/ Oceanside Board of Directors

U.S. Center for SafeSport Free Parent Training

USA Hockey SafeSport Resource

Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017